Monthly Archives: July 2012

Lime in the Polka Dot

Limes in the Polka Dot, Original Oil Painting, 6 x 6 inches

Found these mugs on Etsy and just knew they’d make a fun still life set-up.  CLICK HERE for purchase and price information.


Sunny Side Up

Sunny Side Up, Original Oil Painting, 8 x 8 inches – SOLD

Painted a few days ago, this sunny painting is larger than my usual size – on an 8 x 8 inch deep canvas with 2 inch sides.  Canvas is wrapped around edges with staples on back – so no need for a frame as edges / sides are painted.  CLICK HERE for purchase and pricing info.

Tre Bottiglie

Tre Bottiglie, Original Oil Painting, 6 x 6  SOLD 

My Sunday painting – tre bottiglie – three bottles and some pretty flowers that the hummingbirds love to frequent.  Painted with cold wax medium .  Cold wax medium added to oil paint, yields a soft, silky, matte finish.  CLICK HERE for price and purchase information.

Squeeze Me Baby

Squeeze Me Baby, Original Oil Painting, 6 x 6 inches on canvas –




I know I paint a lot of lemons, but as long as I am still enjoying, why not?!?  Painted on a “deep canvas” with 1 1/2 inch sides – not my usual ground, but nifty as you don’t have to frame this one – it’s ready to go!  In a few days, I’ll post it on Etsy.

Art Therapy

Nataya, Original Oil Painting, 5 x 7 inches
archival smooth gessoboard – SOLD

It’s beautiful Nataya again – this time she’s seven, such a fun age!    This portrait shows Nataya focused on her lap loom.  She is an expert weaver!

My challenge was capturing her look and I’m happy to say that I did it.  Portraiture is no small task.  It’s an out of control feeling most of the time with emphasis on value and shape until in the end, the art takes a turn, and finally resembles the person you’re painting.  I think that those who know Nataya will recognize her.

CLICK HERE for purchase and price info.