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Bucket Brigade


Bucket Brigade, Original Oil Painting by Bridget Hobson, 8×8 inch

Another in my Beach Series, inspired from a recent visit to Zuma Beach in Malibu.

Using some new oil-primed panels that make the paint seemingly more creamy and easy to blend.  Always new discoveries in art!  PURCHASE AND PRICING INFORMATION  in my Etsy Shop.


Beach Babies


Beach Babies, Original Oil Painting by Bridget Hobson, 6×8 inch

It’s warming up in the Bu!  Each weekend the beaches are packed with happy sun bathers providing me plenty of painting inspiration.

Any guess how long it took me to paint this Alla Prima Painting?  I’m all ears.

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Beach Guest


Beach Guest, Original Oil Painting by Bridget Hobson, 10×10 inch

Living next to the beach has its advantages – inspired from a photo I snapped at Zuma Beach yesterday.  Thank you to the sensational, unsuspecting beach models.

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Tea Time


Tea Time, Original Oil Painting by Bridget Hobson, 8×8 inch

Can you help me hone in on a niche?  Still life is soooo relaxing to paint and comes easily to me, and Buddhas are fun as well. Beach Scenes are more challenging and time consuming, and my confidence increases each time I paint one (confidence equals less fussing around).   Portraits are my all time favorite – but also take a mountain of time….  Any feedback from my audience is appreciated!!

Zuma Beach Kids


Zuma Beach Kids, Original Oil Painting by Bridget Hobson, 8×6 inch

Bit of a Beach Roll as of late.  Since I’m beached at home with a broken foot, I’ve had much more time to paint and AM LOVING IT – painting that is.  These small beach scenes take a lot of effort but I think I’ve captured the joy of children playing on the seashore.  Inspired from one of my photos snapped at Zuma Beach.

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