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Juicy Rise and Shine!

Fresh Squeezed, Original Oil Painting, 6 x 6

It’s so rewarding to drink the still life at the end of the painting!  

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One Bougainvillea Overboard

Bougainvillea and Bottles, Original Oil Painting, 6 x 6

This painting flowed like no other.  I like the colors and the way the Bougainvillea crimsons just popped the painting.  The angular bottle is a thrift store find and I scavenged the antique oil bottle from an old dump site near Evergreen, Colorado.  The Bougainvillea came from the yard next door…

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Blue All Around Me!!

Surrounded by Blue, original oil painting, 6 x 6

I’m on a glass kick – just cuz it’s challenging.   I’ve painted two glass bottle paintings in a row – will post the other one tomorrow.

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One Green Granny, Smith that is….

Green & Shiny in the Front Row Seat, original oil painting, 6 x 6

Another one of my paintings created on Whidbey Island.  I’m rather fond of the apple.  As a young child I loved to eat green apples – the Pippin variety as I recall.  I’d get a belly ache from eating too many all at once.  So when was the last time you saw a Pippin apple??  All I see these days are Granny Smith, Gala, and Fuji.  Hmmmmmm…….time to visit the farmer’s market!

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Orange you glad you’re still breathin’?

 I’m back in the Bu after a week of artful fun on Whidbey Island.  The workshop was just what I needed.  Truly seeing value and accurately comparing and relating value, tips on composing interesting paintings, extensive color theory, plus noticing and painting reflected light were all a part of my workshop experience.   Did you know that Ultramarine Blue leans toward red?  Carol Marine’s blog has a photo of all us workshop attendees….  

My blog post before this one, showed my first workshop painting and here is the painting I finished on the final day of the workshop.   Click here to purchase it in my Etsy shop.


Whidbey Island Art Camp

What a delight to be on Whidbey Island!  I’m attending an oil painting workshop taught by an amazing artist, Carol Marine.  Today was day one of my 5 days at art camp – I am so happy!  First of all, the location is pristine.  The area reminds me a bit, of rural Vermont, yet with taller pine trees.  The workshop is thus far very informative and loads of fun.  We started the day with a way-cool demo painting from Carol, who painted a still life of several red apples and a golden yellow bowl.  Carol is a daily painter who has achieved great success.  She’s been painting daily for over 3 years and teaches workshops across the U.S.  Her workshops fill up in a blink and attending one of them has been a ginormous aspiration in my life; so you can imagine, I feel rather fulfilled.   This afternoon we  launched into our own paintings with critique and tips from Carol as she made the rounds.  Here is what I painted today:

Bowls and Purple Onion, Original Oil Painting, 6 x 6

And, I thought you might enjoy seeing my actual still life set-up:

Nun in Longing

Yesterday I painted a little nun in longing after spending a lovely afternoon sipping tea and dining on organic oranges, fuji apples, rice crackers and raspberries with my friend Shay.

Inspired from Spanish colonial art, this painting was a delight to create and it really helped to listen to Gregorian chant music as I painted!  I’m always fascinated with the facial expression emerging from my brush.  She’s for sale online – in my Etsy shop.  Click here:  HobsonFineArt

Nun in Longing, Original Oil Painting, 6 x 6