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Anticipation, Original Oil Painting, 12 x 12 inches

A playful Alla Prima painting for your consideration.

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12 x 12 inches   –   original oil painting on smooth archival panel

Began this quite early in December.  Keep scrolling down to see the step-by-step painting process.  It’s so fun to see the before and after.  Also this gives the viewer a little understanding of what the artist sees and experiences along the way…  Hope you enjoy!





Marilyn 10 x 10 inch Original Oil Painting

10 x 10 inch
Original Oil Painting

The artist dilemma is always “when is it finished” – its truly the inner experience that counts. We can judge the work, and we will, but to know the inner joy of the artist in action is something I encourage all to experience – even if its just picking up the scissors and cutting spiral shapes out of bright colored paper.
Portraits are ALWAYS best viewed from a distance. Blur your eyes a bit when viewing this close up and it will be a bit more like viewing from afar as one should.

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Susan in the Afternoon

Susan's PhototI spent my afternoon with Susan – well, her photo at least.  The painting resembled Susan for the first 3 hours, but somewhere took a turn and began to look like her cousin – or maybe even her neighbor!  After another hour, I gave up and decided just to stop and take a photo of the painting before the sun went down….  But then – another glance – It’s the eye, change it and juice up the lips and one minute later, there is Susan once again.   Portrait painting is not for the faint of heart.  CLICK HERE for purchase and pricing info.

I entered this painting in the Daily PaintWorks Paint Your Friend Challenge!  CLICK HERE to view all the fun artwork on Daily PaintWorks.

Susan, Original Oil Painting, 8 x 8 inches


Amy, Original Oil Painting, 6 x 6 inches

What a beautiful day today!  Perfect temperature – long walk on the beach compliments of low tide.  AND – fun in the afternoon painting my beautiful sister Amy.  The painting does not do her justice – but there’s a glimmer of her in there and I completely enjoyed painting her.  This one is from a photo…





Art Therapy

Nataya, Original Oil Painting, 5 x 7 inches
archival smooth gessoboard – SOLD

It’s beautiful Nataya again – this time she’s seven, such a fun age!    This portrait shows Nataya focused on her lap loom.  She is an expert weaver!

My challenge was capturing her look and I’m happy to say that I did it.  Portraiture is no small task.  It’s an out of control feeling most of the time with emphasis on value and shape until in the end, the art takes a turn, and finally resembles the person you’re painting.  I think that those who know Nataya will recognize her.

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