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Anticipation, Original Oil Painting, 12 x 12 inches

A playful Alla Prima painting for your consideration.

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Buddha #12


Buddha Number Twelve, Original Oil Painting, 8 x 8 inches

Another Bodhisattva with encouragement from Rose.

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12 x 12 inches   –   original oil painting on smooth archival panel

Began this quite early in December.  Keep scrolling down to see the step-by-step painting process.  It’s so fun to see the before and after.  Also this gives the viewer a little understanding of what the artist sees and experiences along the way…  Hope you enjoy!




Juliette Binoche

Inspired from a screen shot – this portrait of Juliette is even more vibrant in real life.  Painted Alla Prima, of course – which means I finished it in one setting while the paint was wet and fresh and lively.    CLICK HERE for purchase and pricing info.

Juliette, Original Oil Painting, 8 x 8 inches

Juliette, Original Oil Painting, 8 x 8 inches

Anandamayi Ma

Anadamayi Ma, Original Oil Painting, 8 x 10

Anandamayi Ma, Original Oil Painting, 8 x 10

Last Sunday’s painting – have lived with Anandamayi Ma’s portrait all week and she is especially intriguing in the night light…kind of a glow to her.    My friend, Paula, has encouraged me to paint her, and I must say I truly enjoyed it.  This portrait is my first attempt to capture a likeness of “Sri Ma”.  She lived in India from 1896 to 1982 and had and continues to have a following of devotees.  It is said that “she was the embodiment of a joyous self-sufficiency, which enraptured the hearts of all who came near her”. CLICK HERE for purchase and pricing info.

Susan in the Afternoon

Susan's PhototI spent my afternoon with Susan – well, her photo at least.  The painting resembled Susan for the first 3 hours, but somewhere took a turn and began to look like her cousin – or maybe even her neighbor!  After another hour, I gave up and decided just to stop and take a photo of the painting before the sun went down….  But then – another glance – It’s the eye, change it and juice up the lips and one minute later, there is Susan once again.   Portrait painting is not for the faint of heart.  CLICK HERE for purchase and pricing info.

I entered this painting in the Daily PaintWorks Paint Your Friend Challenge!  CLICK HERE to view all the fun artwork on Daily PaintWorks.

Susan, Original Oil Painting, 8 x 8 inches