Blue Hat


Blue Hat, 8x8x1 inch cradled wood panel

For those of you who follow my blog – you’ve received a full load of email notifications from me today!  This is the last one for the day – I just had to catch up after months of no posting.  And hey, I painted THIS ONE TODAY!!

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Peace in Waiting

Mariam (1)

Peace In Waiting

This is my friend Mariam, inspired from a photo of her that I took at a dainty afternoon tea party with friends.  I did not aim for likeness, but rather a feeling.  Several friends have asked me, “Is that Mariam?”  yes – it is.

8 x 16 inch cradled wood panel with 3/4 inch profile

Purchase Info:  ETSY


Purchase Info:  ETSY

Catching Up at the Beach


3 Women at the Beach Original Oil Painting by Bridget Hobson 8×8 inch panel

Painted this several months ago.  To view a really fun video of the process, check out my Instagram page:  bridget_hobson_artist  or

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Hang Loose

BeachCoupleAnd DancingGirl

Hang Loose, 8×8″, Original Oil Painting by Bridget Hobson

With warming trends inland, people flock to the beach to cool off.  Such fun to capture the young girl dancing at surf’s edge.

Actually painted this a month or so ago – catching up on the blogging.

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