Hang Loose

BeachCoupleAnd DancingGirl

Hang Loose, 8×8″, Original Oil Painting by Bridget Hobson

With warming trends inland, people flock to the beach to cool off.  Such fun to capture the young girl dancing at surf’s edge.

Actually painted this a month or so ago – catching up on the blogging.

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Wave Warriors


Wave Warriors, Original Oil Painting by Bridget Hobson, 6×6

Boogie Board Battalion marching down Zuma Beach, braving the wind, determined to find their towels after a day of catching the waves!  Purchase info:  ETSY.

A Bowl Of


A Bowl Of, Original Oil Painting by Bridget Hobson, 6x6x1/8th inch

Last night’s painting after a full day of work – good thing I find painting so relaxing!  Eat cherries, it’s the season!

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Beach Loves


Beach Loves, Original Oil Painting by Bridget Hobson, 14×14 inch

Just finished a portrait of Lauren and Josh – Niece and Nephew-in-law.  They live in Hawaii and live mostly a very charmed life.  It was a joy to paint them!!  Feel the love.

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Bucket Brigade


Bucket Brigade, Original Oil Painting by Bridget Hobson, 8×8 inch

Another in my Beach Series, inspired from a recent visit to Zuma Beach in Malibu.

Using some new oil-primed panels that make the paint seemingly more creamy and easy to blend.  Always new discoveries in art!  PURCHASE AND PRICING INFORMATION  in my Etsy Shop.

Beach Babies


Beach Babies, Original Oil Painting by Bridget Hobson, 6×8 inch

It’s warming up in the Bu!  Each weekend the beaches are packed with happy sun bathers providing me plenty of painting inspiration.

Any guess how long it took me to paint this Alla Prima Painting?  I’m all ears.

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