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Wave Warriors


Wave Warriors, Original Oil Painting by Bridget Hobson, 6×6

Boogie Board Battalion marching down Zuma Beach, braving the wind, determined to find their towels after a day of catching the waves!  Purchase info:  ETSY.


A Bowl Of


A Bowl Of, Original Oil Painting by Bridget Hobson, 6x6x1/8th inch

Last night’s painting after a full day of work – good thing I find painting so relaxing!  Eat cherries, it’s the season!

Purchase and Pricing Info on ETSY.

Pear Duo


Pear Duo, Original Oil Painting by Bridget Hobson, 6×6 inch

Painted from life – these pears hail from Argentina!  Notice one is blushing.  She traveled so far…..  PURCHASE AND PRICING INFO available in my ETSY store.

Tea Time


Tea Time, Original Oil Painting by Bridget Hobson, 8×8 inch

Can you help me hone in on a niche?  Still life is soooo relaxing to paint and comes easily to me, and Buddhas are fun as well. Beach Scenes are more challenging and time consuming, and my confidence increases each time I paint one (confidence equals less fussing around).   Portraits are my all time favorite – but also take a mountain of time….  Any feedback from my audience is appreciated!!

Zuma Beach Kids


Zuma Beach Kids, Original Oil Painting by Bridget Hobson, 8×6 inch

Bit of a Beach Roll as of late.  Since I’m beached at home with a broken foot, I’ve had much more time to paint and AM LOVING IT – painting that is.  These small beach scenes take a lot of effort but I think I’ve captured the joy of children playing on the seashore.  Inspired from one of my photos snapped at Zuma Beach.

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