Monthly Archives: July 2016

Eggplanting Around


Eggplanting Around, Original Oil Painting, 6 x 6 inches

Painted this last Saturday after shopping at the Farmer’s Market – love these sweet little round eggplant!!


Pears in Quintuplet


Pears in Quintuplet, Original Oil Painting


Painted this awhile back and realized I’ve never posted it on my blog.  This is my husband’s current favorite.  These pears about to be shipped to their new home in Washington – thanks for your purchase Jeri!!

Double Dip


Double Dip

Inspired from my photo shoot at Zuma Beach!   These ladies, still mostly dry, experiencing the first icy chill of the Pacific.  But oh, the sun shines bright and life is glorious!

6 x 6 inches – original oil painting

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