Monthly Archives: November 2011

Nataya Revisited

Sometimes paintings speak to me days or weeks later, “you should have painted me this way – or what’s with that odd brown color you put on the face??”  Such is the case with my Sweet Nataya painting.  So this afternoon she got a slightly new look, one I’m personally more pleased with.

Good news – I am now accepting commissioned portrait work on Etsy.  I’m working small this time of year – just 6 x 6 inches.  Let me know if you’d like a portrait of yourself or someone you love!

Nataya - oil painting 6 x 6


Study of the Buddha

OK – so I’ve been on a Buddha kick.  This one inspired from a photo of a sculpture.  Is he contemplating the now – or simply longing for a cup of rajma dal?

This Buddha is for sale in my Etsy shop!  

Contemplating Buddha 8 x 10, oil, canvas board – SOLD

It’s a Peacock, silly!

I’m still breathing and what a beautiful day! Everything soft and sweet; the moist ocean air, the temperature of 70 degrees, the news from home via a catching-up call from my son, the ocean calm and serene, the painting – sure, steady, and satisfying, and the sunset finale in all its glory.

Today’s art posting is slightly vintage from a year ago; made in the daze when I would engage for days on end over one painting. Stand oil was my medium of choice resulting in an enameled-jewel-like finish that is more apparent in real life than a photo. Keep scrolling down – he’s a tall guy….

It’s a Peacock, Silly!! 12 x 24 oil painting – SOLD

Nepalese Buddha

Oh this one was such fun to create! Many thanks to my friend Linda, who traveled all the way to Nepal, took this photo of Buddha there, and emailed it on to me for painting inspiration. Yesterday was a chilly, cloudy day in the Bu, but I stayed warm and happy painting this little Buddha in my living room studio. Yes – living room studio – the best kind of art studio when you have an ocean view…..

Good news – this one is for sale on Etsy. My first Etsy listing. Kind of an auspicious launching, wouldn’t you say?

My Etsy store – HobsonFineArt

Gold Buddha 6 x 6 oil painting    SOLD