Monthly Archives: April 2011

>Buddha Two


6 x 6 oil painting Buddha Two

Spent my afternoon listening to love songs and painting another Buddha Face. This is number 2 in my beginning Buddha series.

I enjoy painting the Buddha – he starts out a mess of mosaic-like splotches of paint – completely unnerving beginning that slowly, slowly, takes shape and becomes a vibrant being….


Faithfully Painting Away!


Three Friends in a Bowl 5 x 7

Yes – painting most every day. Appreciating the light that streams in through the window and my new daylight clip-on lamp that illuminates the subject day and night!

Joined a life-drawing group a few weeks back. Such a challenge to capture the live human form in 25 minute poses – it’s the process rather than the product at this point. I taught life-drawing every Wednesday night for more than 5 years in my Evergreen Art School and honed my skill because of it…now I’m a bit rusty….but back in the saddle.



10 x 10 oil on stretched canvas
Created a few weeks ago – this little girl brings a smile to everyone who walks through the door. The thing is, I don’t know her name or who she belongs to . I saw her photo posted on FB and knew right away that I wanted to paint her. This painting was a joy from the beginning to the end – no stumbles, just a lot of fun! Perhaps someone will recognize her and tell me her name.

Update: April 26, 2011
Best news:  someone has stepped forward to identify the little girl – her cousin Robyn.  The little girl is Sienna and kitty is Milo – they live in Australia!!