Art is my heart’s delight! Born in the year of the Monkey, I’m forever doing and creating – sometimes spinning my wheels, but mostly having fun. I create in oil, watercolor, tempera, marker, ink, pastel, conte, graphite, silk painting, and color pencil. My style is ever changing and expanding, as is my life. Creating art keeps me healthy and happy – a drive that must be fulfilled. Owning an art school for 14 years and teaching art to all ages for over 19 years, has taught me creativity on demand. Now is a quieter more introspective time in my life and I am completely enjoying!!


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Judy VW

    I love your style and that of your workshop artist. Delicious colors and brushwork.
    Mark and I are leaving Whidbey for Houston tomorrow, Wednesday Oct. 25. We will make a stop in San Diego to visit Craig and his family, trick or treat on Halloween, and then head east. We have a project at the Houston Zoo which will last through February and perhaps March. I am so sorry to miss you. Maybe one of these days our paths will cross.
    Love, Judy

    1. Bridget, artist Post author

      Thanks Mary, I’m glad you like my paintings – they are ever-evolving so check in now and then if you’d like.


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