In the Groove

Durga Yantra, Original Painting, Mixed Media: Gouache, Ink, Oil Pastel, 16 x 16 - SOLD

Two things rather essential to me:  

1. The need to be fulfilled – to feel fulfillment in my heart.

2.  The need to create.

Woke up this morning to an early visit from the plumber to snake the kitchen sink.  So I jumped into busy mode rather than my usual morning practice which completely through off the day.  After the 3rd canvas scrub-off, I gave up, sank on the couch, and went inside – ahhhh, much better.  

This work is “vintage” from a couple years ago.  I now and then paint yantras with Lascaux Resonance Gouache filled with “live impulses” (or so it says on the box).  Yantras are completely fun to make  and take hours and hours to complete.  My friend Karen Kelly taught me how to make yantras.  Karen has studied Vastu Geometry and paints the most elegant yantras!  

All that being said, today’s painting will be posted tomorrow, as the shadows grew too long by day’s end for decent photography.


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