Tres Limones

I love to paint!!  Figuring out just what to paint is always the challenge – once that is decided, the painting party begins.  So it was lemons today – lemons once, lemons twice.  

Jimenez Nursery stopped by while I was painting and removed 10 mature palm trees from the side of the road.  Dug them up with a back hoe – preserving large chunks of dirt around the palm roots which were then wrapped in plastic and placed on a flat bed.  Must have been quite the merry sight driving down the Pacific Coast Highway.  I always have the door open for ventilation – plus such a nice day for an open door… All that being said, some dust got into my first painting – so can’t really sell it as there are a few teensy, almost invisible yet visible, fibers in the paint.  The second painting is dust free and is for sell in my Etsy shop.  If you want to buy the first one – let me know – it’s yours for a discount. 

Thanks to so many of you for commenting on my blog – it’s fun to hear your point of view, so don’t hold back!   

Bowl with Lemons, 8 x 8, original oil painting

Plate with Lemons, 6 x 6, Original Oil Painting - SOLD

Plate with Lemons – For Sale on Etsy at a ridiculously low price!!

What?  You haven’t bought one of my paintings yet?  Don’t you know I’m on my way to being famous??   You better buy my art now while you can still afford it!  


2 thoughts on “Tres Limones

  1. Judy VW

    Love your style and sense of color. Your paintings are luscious! I hope you know that the impressionists painted outdoors where their paintings often had imperfections. One (can’t remember who) dropped his fresh oil painting face down on the forest floor.

  2. Liesa Hoyt

    I look forward to seeing all your paintings as you complete them. So glad you share them with us! I hope some day you can make it to Salida’s Art Walk which is usually the 3rd weekend in June every summer.


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