Portrait Painting on Wednesday Afternoon

When I feel content – the art flows out with no effort at all.  I love the magic of creating art.  Beyond expressing – it is really the feeling that makes it so much fun to create!  

This is a commissioned painting of Lana – Lynda’s great granddaughter.  Lynda is my dear Colorado friend who loves to garden and is thinking of growing onions from seed this year.  She and her husband – sweet Enzo from Italy – are staying warm while watching the deer nose through the snow outside – in search of food.  Lynda reports that Enzo is in the kitchen cooking cippoli ripieni for dinner.  All this is going on while I painted Lana this afternoon and now I have just enough time to walk the beach before the sunset!  

Life is good.

Lana, original oil painting, gessoboard, 6 x 6  – SOLD


4 thoughts on “Portrait Painting on Wednesday Afternoon

  1. Elayne Leavitt Sorensen

    Bridget, your paintings are all so very beautiful !!! You are really talented and could make a great name for yourself….if you haven’t already !! Smile !! Love you tons, Elayne


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