The Season of Persimmon

Do you like to eat Persimmons?  I really do not.  They are too mushy inside for my taste – but my husband scoops them up and eats them with great gusto.  I’d rather just appreciate their outer beauty.  I enjoy the delicate frosty-white finish on the skin and the amazing detail of the leaves and square center/top.  In fact, if you have a jeweler’s loupe or magnifying glass – do use it to inspect the top of a persimmon.  

As of late, I’ve been happily busy with my volunteer position – hence the delay in posting and painting.  Hope you like the Persimmon Art – it was once for sale – but no longer as I gave it to Celia for Christmas.  Ho Ho Ho!

Three Persimmons,  Original Oil Painting,   6 x 6                  S O L D


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