Nepalese Buddha

Oh this one was such fun to create! Many thanks to my friend Linda, who traveled all the way to Nepal, took this photo of Buddha there, and emailed it on to me for painting inspiration. Yesterday was a chilly, cloudy day in the Bu, but I stayed warm and happy painting this little Buddha in my living room studio. Yes – living room studio – the best kind of art studio when you have an ocean view…..

Good news – this one is for sale on Etsy. My first Etsy listing. Kind of an auspicious launching, wouldn’t you say?

My Etsy store – HobsonFineArt

Gold Buddha 6 x 6 oil painting    SOLD


One thought on “Nepalese Buddha

  1. creativecathy

    Auspicious indeed! The golden glow on this Buddha gives it a rather regal feeling. And that sublime little smile certainly conveys a sense of the blissful Beyond.


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